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Send A Real Postcard From Prague


  • You are in Prague and cannot find a pen.
  • You want someone to think you are in Prague (eg. your boss, a nagging x, your parole officer, the bill collector).
  • You are sad and need to cheer yourself up by sending yourself a postcard.
  • Play a joke on a friend and make them think you are in Prague.
  • You find pleasure in surprising people. Sending someone a postcard from Prague will surprise them.
  • You found my website helpful and want to thank me by making me write you a postcard.


It is easy to send a real handwritten postcard from Prague:

  1. Choose a postcard
  2. Write a message and fill in receipient's address
  3. Pay $5.00 via PayPal

Pick a postcard from the gallery, write a message, provide a address to send the postcard.  I will take a real postcard, hand write your message and send the postcard. The post cards will be sent via regular mail with a Czech postage stamp. To send a real postcard please follow the simple steps bellow:

STEP 1 - Choose a Postcard

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge At Sunrise

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge Statues

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge And Castle

Charles Bridge

Old Town Evening

STEP 2 - Write Message and Receipients Address

STEP 3 - Place Your Order

Clicking the below will take you to Paypal for payment. After successfull payment you will receive an email (to your PayPal address) confirming your Prague Postcard order. Postcards are sent within 24 hours.

Order Your Handwritten Postcard For $5.00 USD