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You Do Not Need To Be Stuck In Tourist Traps.  Experience the Real Prague,  Go Where The Locals Go

Prague is visited by millions of tourists every year and few realize that just a block away from the tourist traps are where the locals eat, drink and live.

Imagine walking a block down a cobbled street and entering a completely different Prague. Away from the crowds of tourist. Away from the tour groups, clicking cameras and tacky gift shops.

With Eat Goulash and Enjoy Beer In Prague Like a Local you can eat in local Prague restaurants.

Eat Goulash And Enjoy Beer In Prague Like A Local

The book will teach you everything you need to know to go where the locals go:

  • how do I know a good restaurant from a not so good restaurant?
  • how do I get there via the metro, tram, bus, or taxi?
  • how do I read the menu?
  • what kind of food will they serve?
  • how do I communicate with the waiter?
  • should I be scared of locals?
  • why should a man always walk into a restaurant first?

Besides helping you get away from the tourists and experience the real Prague, this book will save you money. In a restaurant catering to tourists a pint of beer costs 100 CZK ($5.50 USD). A block away at a local restaurant the exactly same beer costs 26 CZK ($1.40 USD).

This book pays for itself with a plate of Goulash and a single pint of Czech beer in a local restaurant!

Is this book for you?

Yes, if you want to:

  • get away from crowded and overpriced tourist restaurants
  • try real Prague restaurants which cater to locals (do you go eat out at tourist traps in your hometown?)
  • eat authentic Czech goulash and pay 65 czk ($3.60 USD) instead of 160 czk ($8.80 USD)
  • learn how to find a good local restaurant simply by walking down a narrow cobble stone alley
  • learn how to use your knife and fork to tell the non-English speaking waiter you are done eating

Practical Information You Can Use To Go Where The Locals Go To Eat And Drink

The author is a Prague local.  Imagine knowing somebody in Prague who can advise you where to eat.

Here is how the book will help you:

  • understand the different types of local restaurants and what they offer
  • learn about the different types of meals offered
  • use the metro and tram to the local restaurants
  • where to avoid - no locals eat there
  • what is expected etiquette and table manners

What's In The Book?

Informative and illustrated pages to enable you to visit local restaurants with confidence.

Here is what's in the book:

  1. What Do You Feel Like Eating
    • Meat, Sauce, Dumpling
    • Breaded and Deep Fried
    • Reading The Menu
  2. What Type Of Restaurant Do You Want
    • The Service Curse Of A Communist Restaurant
    • Beer Signs Tell You Where and What
    • Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus - A Place To Eat A Good Meal With Quality Service and Ambiance
    • Krušovice, Kozel, Radegast, Budvar - A Place To Drink Beer, Smoke and Chat With ‘Professional’ Drinkers
    • Tourist Places To Avoid Eating And Drinking
  3. How To Get To The Restaurant
    • You Need A Public Transit Ticket
    • You Need To Validate Your Ticket
    • Take The Metro
    • Take The Tram
    • Do not Take The Bus
    • Take A Taxi
    • Walk
  4. You Are At The Restaurant
    • Guy Enters A Bar...
    • Order A Beer
    • Water Is Not Free
    • Your Knife And Fork Speak To The Waiter
    • Zaplatíme (Ready To Pay)
    • How To Talk To A Waiter That Does Not Understand English
  5. Something To Talk About While You Eat
    • Main Course: A Brief History of Prague
    • For Dessert: The Good King Wenceslas
    • Over a Couple Beers: What To Ask A Czech

About The Author


In 2006 I packed my bags and boarded a plane for Prague. The plan was to stay for a year but I am still here because I love this city. After more than a few years living in Prague, learning the language and making lots of friends, I have progressed from a wide-eyed tourist to a goulash eating local.

I eat out at least two nights a week in local Prague restaurants. Goulash is my favorite dish and of course no meal is complete without a half liter of world famous Czech beer.

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For your information: the Local Explore Kit includes this book in paper book and PDF format. It also includes maps and guides for Prague walks, restaurant recommendations, a small town daytrip, and a language cheatsheet.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Simple. If ever you are not satisfied that this book helped you eat like a local and saved you money, just let me know and I will refund your money.

What People Are Saying

"This is not the typical travel guide that only tells you where are the tourist hot spots you can't miss. The author gives you a lot of indications of what locals expect from tourists and what could you learn to help you have a better time in Prague than you would expect. The food from non-tourist restaurants are indeed much better and the prices are incredibly cheaper. If you make an effort to learn 3 or 4 sentences in Czech, the locals will love and you will leave Prague thinking when are you coming back."- João Eduardo Pádua

"My spouse is half-Czech, so we really wanted to try the local places to get a feel for the city. We studied several guides, but this one stood out with its detail and engaging style. It's packed with lots of tips which helped us fit in, despite not speaking the language. Armed with only a two-page English-to-Czech translation guide, the locals were treated us just fine, and we enjoyed modifying our American habits to fit Prague customs. Thanks, Roman Jelinek, for packing so much information into this book, written with a great sense of humor as well!"- RioNaiad

"I checked out the Kindle book by using the free preview and thought it was worth the few dollars - and I was right!! I got so many useful tips from the book and will read it again before I go to Prague in early September. It gave me the information I was looking for - how not to be a tourist in Prague. I always hate the fact that when I travel, everywhere is full of tourists!! I like the thought of being able to get away from them and pretend I am a local."- Julianne

Enjoy Your Trip To Prague! See You At The Local Restaurants :-)

Did I bring you pleasure? :)

I hope you find this website helpful. I created the website because I love Prague, I enjoy writing about it, and I get a weird kick out of helping you make your trip to Prague more enjoyable.

I wrote a book about local travel in Prague. The book is my pride, my joy, my unbiological offspring. It was written with a passionate heart. If you find this website helpful consider getting the book. You will receive an entertaining book full of useful tips that will instil in you the confidence to wander the local streets of Prague. The book is also included in the popular Prague Local Explore Kit Bag.

Thank you,
Roman : Prague 2019

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