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Food Allergies in Czech Restaurants - A Card to Show the Waiter

With food allergies walking into a local Czech restaurant and ordering a random meal is not an option. Without knowing the ingredients of the meals, how they are prepared, or the ability to ask and instruct the waiter, you are very limited in what you can safely order. Although tourist friendly restaurants have English menus the local restaurants do not.

To avoid being exposed to an allergic ingredient, below is text to print out and show to the Czech speaking waiter before ordering your meal. Copy the text directly from this webpage and add/remove allergies as required. Or download the printable PDF - the PDF version is not editable so the allergies are listed with boxes so that you can check off the allergies applicable in your case.

English Version of Food Allergy Restaurant Card

Dear Sir / Madam,

Be aware that I am allergic to the following checked items:

fresh water fish
tree nuts
nut extracts
peanut oil
sunflower oil
caraway seeds
artificial sweeteners
cow's milk
wheat gluten

Please let me know if my meal contains any of these ingredients. If you are in doubt I kindly ask that you make certain with the chef.

It is extremely important that in the cooking and preparing of my meal the above checked ingredients are not used and do not make any contact with my meal. To avoid cross contamination please avoid reusing utensils that might of come in contact with the above.

Thank you for your understanding.

Czech Version (to print and show the waiter)

Dobrý den,

Jsem alergický/á na tyto potraviny:

sladkovodní ryby (fresh water fish)
mořské plody (seafood)
arašídy (peanuts)
ořechy (tree nuts)
výtažky z ořechů (nut extracts)
arašídový olej (peanut oil)
slunečnicový olej (sunflower oil)
kmín (caraway seeds)
umělá sladidla (artificial sweeteners)
želatina (gelatine)
kravské mléko (cow's milk)
vejce (eggs)
lepek (wheat gluten)
soja (soy)

Mohl byste mi prosím říci, jestli mé jídlo neobsahuje výše zaškrtlé ingredience. Pokud si nejste jistý/á prosím zeptejte se kuchaře.

Je pro mě velice důležité, aby mé jídlo nepřišlo vůbec do kontaktu s výše uvedenými alergeny.


download the food allergy restaurant card PDF version

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