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Throughout this website I mention places in Prague by name. This simple map was created after many requests asking where the places mentioned actually are. The buttons on the left will place red markers on the map. Click the red markers for more information. The search bar prioritises for results around Prague so a search for 'masar' should autofill to the 'Masarykovo nádraží, Prague-Prague 1', or 'old town' will find the Old Town Square in Prague.

  • Must See Sites: Must See Prague sites that you need to have on your itinerary or else your vacation slide show to family and friends will disappoint. Like Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square. Although they are tourist traps and crowded you came all this way so you might as well have a look - so you are able to say 'I have walked the Charles Bridge'.
  • Tourist Traps: If you want to avoid overpriced food, shops hawking nicknack souvenirs and hoards of people then stay away from the areas in red. Unfortunatly most of the famous tourist attractions are in the red zone so you will need to venture inside. Have a look but don't expect to see any locals.
  • Walking: The center and interesting part of Prague is sqeezed tight. It is possible to travel Prague with feet only. When friends come for a visit I take them walking and within a couple days they have seen it all.
  • Airport & Train: Where the planes, trains and buses arrive and leave.
  • Out of Prague: Places to visit if you need to get out of Prague. For example Celakovice: No tourists there. Experience the daily life of people going about their existance. A town square, a river, a medieval fort, local restaurants, a B&B, and yes, even a vampire grave.

Am I Being Helpful?

I hope you find this website helpful. I created the website because I love Prague, I enjoy writing about it, and I get a weird kick out of helping you make your trip to Prague more enjoyable.

I wrote a book about local travel in Prague. The book is my pride, my joy, my unbiological offspring. It was written with a passionate heart. If you find this website helpful consider reading my book. You will receive an entertaining book full of useful tips that will instil in you the confidence to wander the local streets of Prague. The book is also included in the popular Prague Local Explore Kit Bag.

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