What Are The Prices In Prague?

The Czech Republic belongs to the European Union but the currency is not the Euro. For the Czech people this means they have control over their economy, for you it means that you will need to convert your currency to the Korun. It also means that you will always have to do a quick calculation every time you see a price tag.

To simplify here are a few price guidelines. Compared to the rest of the western world (US, Britain, Germany, etc.) in the Czech Republic:

The following cost slightly more in Czech:

  • Electronics
  • Brand name Clothes
  • Brand name groceries

The following cost a lot less in Czech:

  • Beer
  • Cigarettes
  • Restaurant food

If you are the type of person who goes on vacation to shop for inexpensive electronics and clothes then Czech is not the best vacation destination. But if you like to sit down at a restaurant, enjoy a local dish, wash it down with beer and relax by blowing smoke rings then Prague is paradise.

Don’t worry, if you forget your shaver at home it will not cost you that much more in Prague. Neither will a pair of pants or a souvenir ‘czech me out’ t-shirt. A rough estimate is 10% price increase for these kinds of products.

Basically, if you are going on a world tour and you want to buy an iPhone and designer jeans wait until you reach Singapore.

On the other hand, beer costs a lot less then anywhere in the world. Beer is considered to be more a meal then an alcoholic drink - so it gets taxed less than in other countries.

Classic Czech meals in restaurants frequented by locals also cost less. For $5 US you can have a hearty lunch of pork, sauce, six dumplings and a half litre of beer. The trick is to visit non-tourist restaurants if you are hunting for inexpensive meals. Restaurants in tourist hot-spots near the Charles Bridge will not provide any savings - the price can be twice as much for a meal just because you are near the Bridge.

But really, you are on vacation, so there is no need to count your Koruns. All you need to know is that the prices are approximately the same as you would find in the rest of the western world.

If you need to save money avoid City Center hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and shops. Ask locals where they eat. Visit churches and museums - they are inexpensive if not free.

Here is a table with some common purchases to give you an idea of prices in Prague:

Big Mac, Medium Fries and Coke 105 5.25
500 ml of beer draft (pint) 23 1.15
Pack of Marlboros 83 4.15
Classic Czech meal at restaurant- meat, sauce, dumplings 80 4
Metro pass to get from one side of Prague to the other 40 2
Taxi ride from airport to center (25km) 800 40
30 minute train ride to little villiage outside of Prague thas has no tourists 40 2
Grande Latte at Starbucks 85 4.25
White 100% cotton men's t-shirt 190 9
Levis Red Tab men’s jeans 2000 100
20 minute private lap dance by topless stripper at popular cabaret (I've heard) 1500 75
Sausage, bun and mustard at Vaclav's Square 40 2


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