Czech Republic Interesting Facts

Capital City Prague
Area 78,864 sq km
Population 10,220,911
Government type parliamentary democracy
European Union Member Yes
Largest Ethnic Group Czech 94%
Second Largest Ethnic Group Slovak 3%
Official Language Czech
Surrounding nations Germany
Religious affiliations Catholic 40%
Nonreligious 32%
Other 28%
Currency koruna
Timezone GMT +1
Last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October GMT +2
Flag Czech Flag

Czech Republic ranks in the top 3 spots for:

  • Embezzlements (per capita)
  • Male Industrial workers
  • Television broadcast stations
  • Smoking prevalence for males
  • Marriage rate
  • Divorces per 100 marriages
  • Cinemas Seats (per capita)
  • Taxation Social contributions
  • Paved Roadways
  • Beer consumption (per capita)

Czech Republic ranks in the bottom 3 spots for:

  • Foreign population inflow
  • Personal computers (per capita)
  • Urban population
  • Primary teacher salary per hour after 15 years
  • Municipal Waste per capita
  • Rate of natural decrease in population
  • annual GDP growth
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