Send A Real Postcard From Prague

  • Did you ever want to receive a real postcard from far away?
  • Play a joke on a friend and make them think you are in Prague.
  • Were you just in Prague, but forget to send a postcard before you left?

Now you can send a real postcard from Prague.  It is easy:

  1. Choose a postcard
  2. Create a Message and Receipients Address
  3. Pay $4.00 via PayPal

Pick a postcard from the gallery, write a message (or we will write one for you), provide a address to send the postcard.  We will take a real postcard, hand write your message and send the postcard.

The post cards will be sent via regular mail with a Czech postage stamp.

To send a real postcard please follow the simple steps bellow:

STEP 1 - Choose a Postcard

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge At Sunrise

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge In Winter

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge Statues

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge And Castle

Charles Bridge

Old Town Evening

Prague Collage

STEP 2 - Write Message and Receipients Address

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I hope you find this website helpful. I created the website because I love Prague, I enjoy writing about it, and I get a weird kick helping you make your trip to Prague more enjoyable.

As you can see there are no ads on this website. Not only do ads and banners cheapen the browsing experience they also distract. I did not create this website to sell you random things.

But I did write a book about Prague. The book is my pride, my joy, my unbiological offspring. It was not slapped together with filler content - it was written with a passionate heart. If you find this website helpful and want to show me your appreciation please consider getting my book. You will receive an entertaining book full of useful Prague tips and I will receive a warm fuzzy feeling inside for which I will be gratefull.

All the Amazon reviews are authentic and if for whatever reason you are not satisfied simply contact me and I will return your money.

Thank you,
Roman : Prague 2015

Eat With The Locals - Download My Book

Prague Eat Like a Local

"I used your book during my second visit to Prague. A single meal in a local resturant pays for the book!"   - Jerry [via email]

Who is this Prague Local?

My name is Roman and I want to help you experience the real Prague.

In 2006 I packed my bags and boarded a plane for Prague. The plan was to stay for a year - I am still here because I love this city. After of few years of living in Prague, learning the language and making a lot of friends. I have progressed from a wide-eyed tourist to a goulash eating local.

Prague is an amazing city with ancient buildings, friendly people and delicious food. That is why millions of people visit Prague every year. Unfortunately, most of them stick to the main tourist spots and miss experiencing the real Prague.

This website was created with the hope that besides visiting the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, you will venture down a cobblestoned alley and join the locals for a golden beer and a hearty bowl of goulash.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and visit my Google+ Page or my FACEBOOK page

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